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Portalurile Lunii August

Sa ne bucuram pentru trecerea prin portalul 08 08 si sa ne pregatim impreuna sa primim darurile eclipsei partiale de Soare la Luna Noua 11 august  6pm GMT

Va reamintesc despre vechile meditatii din transmisiile anterioare ale lunilor august .
Eclipsa de Soare ne ajuta sa experimentam Templul Siriusian al Zeitei si Re-Unirii Inimilor si flacara iubirii divine ancorata initial la 08 08 2017

Urmeaza o mare transformare spirituala legat de puternica eclipsa de Soare 21 august si ne vom redescoperi multe alte expresii ale sufletului in acest an 2018. Experimentam Arhetipul nostru Divin Masculin protejand Arhetipul nostru Divin Feminin al Esentei Vietii, impreuna cu Frati si Surori de Suflet, parteneri de Suflet si Flacari Gemene.
Flacara intreita a Puterii, Iubirii si Intelepciunii, eliberam toate cele depasite de care nu mai avem nevoie in aura noastra si retraim starea de IUBIRE, Toate Sufletele sunt Iubire !
Ghizii nostrii ne sustin sa crestem in urmatorul nivel de inflorire si reintregine a Sufletului si Spiritului nostru , spre eterna noastra prezenta EU SUNT TOT CEEA CE SUNT.

08 08 ne conecteaza cu Familia Sufletului si Familiiile stelare si primim multe ajutoare prin portaluri multiple.

Se recreaza profund Galaxia Trandafirului Auriu si toti ne redescoperim o singura INIMA UNIFICATA.

Experimentam INTELEGEREA si COMPASIUNEA prin toate corpurile la un nivel superior si primim daruri multiple pentru reunificare. Suntem invitati in Templul Sirian al Zeitei pentru a reexperimenta starea noastra Eu Sunt Avatar Constiinta a Luminii. si reconectarea tuturor nivelurilor de ADN
Primim toate darurile Universului si lucram in vietile trecute si cu apropiatii nostrii de familie pentru a elibera karma din toate liniile de timp si a ne reuni AICI din toate liniile temporale, la Potentialul Spiritual Maxim Posibil , in echilibru perfect Masculin-Feminin.
Experimentam Interiorizarea si Compasiunea ajutati de toate Familiile nostre si starea noastra Eu Sunt Avatar Constiinta a Luminii.
Din Templul Siriusian al Zeitei mergem in Camera Andromedana de restrucyurare moleculara si upgrade al corpurilor de Lumina, apoi Camera de Lumina Siriusiana cu Inele Purificatoare , Camera Pleiadiana de Infuzie cu lumina Vindecatoare, Camera Venusiana de Vindecarea a Ranilor Sufletului, Camera arcturiana a Tiparului Divin de Lumina, Camera Lirana de Activare a Misiunii noastre si Camera de reechilibrarea a Divinul nostru Feminin si Masculin

Va uram portal de August fericit , reunificare fericita si revenirea in forma perfecta de Fiu / Fiica a lui Dumnezeu !

The Temple of Truth and the Sirius Stargate of the Heart ~ Elders July 2017 Transmission Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of July as you deepen into the merging timelines of Unity Consciousness and the expansion of Christ Light upon this sacred earth and through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. The expansion of Cosmic Christ Consciousness sweet ones, taking you deeper into the next level of your Soul’s blossoming and Light, is greatly amplified through the Stargate of the Goddess – the Stargate of Sirius, which commences July 23rd with the Rise of Sirius. This is the day when Sirius rises on your horizon just before the Sun. The Rise of Sirius begins a 55-day cycle, from July 23 to September 15, when the Sirian Stargate is opened and activated more widely than at other times; the portal through which the energy of the Goddess enters, aligning you to the Galactic Center and Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic Leagues of Light and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High. As you receive this amplified energy of Divine Unconditional Love through your Christed Hearts and upon this sacred earth, sweet ones, you are able to deepen the connection to your Beloved I Am Presence and the multidimensional timelines of your Highest Potential as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. The 8/8 Lion’s Gateway sweet ones, links you to the Sirian Living Library as it aligns with the Center of the Galaxy, bringing through in this Now the Cosmic Living Library Codes and Universal Akashic Records from the Golden Age timelines of Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt in particular. As these Golden Age timelines merge into this Golden Age timeline in increased waves of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Divine Love, this assists you to create and bring about huge changes within your own life and upon this sacred earth. Every aspect of your Life is re-aligned to your Highest Potential and timelines of Self Mastery, whether this is relationship issues, health issues or deeper levels of your Soul purpose and heart’s dreaming. Furthermore sweet ones, the changes upon you are additionally amplified through the partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7th, asking you to reflect upon the changes you wish to make within your own lives as you trust and surrender to the Divine, brought into Knowing, truth, Love and forgiveness through the 8/8 Lion’s Gateway, and grounded into deeper levels of manifestation, courage, discernment and Divine Will through the Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

The Elders August Transmission ~ The 08-08 2015 Gateway and the Pyramid Over Antarctica The first pyramid is presently located in the grid over the area you call Antarctica, which would be considered a portal to other planetary grid systems. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature, Xerthaneus. The function of this pyramid is to create and guide experiences linked to the comings and goings of extraterrestrial entities who were part of the history of planet Earth. And there were many entities from these far away worlds that were once part of the story of your planet, their journeys encoded within the matrix by Xerthaneus and his two assistants. Their souls having experienced through the energy of this pyramid as those who come from Sirius, Nibiru, Orion, Lyra, the Pleiades, Mars, Andromedia, Arcturus, Vega, Venus, Jupiter, among others familiar to you. And so the storylines would read that these entities came to your planet in great spaceships and interacted with those who lived on the planet, in the water and others below the surface. And there was created a tale of a great spaceship buried beneath a giant lion, who serves as a marker. And similar stone markers were left on every place created in the heavens which linked to the matrix. The experiences in other worlds are as real as your soul experience at this time on planet Earth. Those souls would carry the memories of these distant worlds often as a truer reality than that which they came here to embrace. And when this book is found, the ice shall melt from this place, revealing starships created by this pyramid, left behind as reminders of their work and interaction on your planet. And the energies of this pyramid shall still be read in the matrix of this total creation and experienced by those who would come to these creational forces for guidance. And Xerthaneus shall guide their souls through this geometric matrix so they may remember and join with other expressions of their creation. And soulmates shall meet in many worlds and forms. And they shall join in union, then be thrust apart, to once again rejoin in other alien forms. And Xerthaneus shall continue to create tales of other worlds for those who direct him to such realities. You need only place your consciousness within the boundaries of the pyramid And you shall understand all that is created that is ‘extraterrestrial’. Once you have entered the Hall of the Antarctic Pyramid, you will understand all that you have experienced in other forms. Thoth the Atlantean ***********************************

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